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      A wealthy history and spectacular pictures of Belveder attract people for their beauty and royal greatness. Living in the hotel wonТt leave you different Ц your meeting with the history will begin no longer than on the threshold of the hotel.

      Hotel Belveder is located on the territory of a wide Lugovoy park on the 20-metre-high Babigonsky hill. From its windows you can see the Belveder palace, the creation of an architect Alexander Stackenshnaider. Created in the times of Nicholas I in 1852-1856, Belveder was used as the place for the picnics and suburbian rest of the royal family.
From the 1st and 2nd  floors of the palace you can see the unique panorama of Finish bay and Peterhof, Kronshtadt and Saint Petersburg Ц this sight can touch the heart of everyone.

      In the time of the tsar there was the pergola where the hotel is located nowadays, in its shade the members of the royal family used to walk. The modern hotel repeats its historical outlines, and the double-floored architectural building, created in the style of classicism, makes the harmony with the palace.
The surroundings are decorated with the spectacular slopes, walking paths with the hanging trees and 9 ponds. The villages, named (or rather renamed) in honor of the members of the royal family, are located around.

      The Saint Queen Alexandra's church, the lovely place of visiting of the last Russian empress, supplements the architectural ensemble of Lugovoy park. Now the restoration works take place in the church.
      Good transport communication in the surroundings of Belveder allows to reach the culture centre of Peterhof in 10 minutes, visit Bolshoy palace, cascades of the fountains, Gothic chapel in Alexandria park, OlgaТs pavilion, Cottage palace and the other parks and palaces of Peterhof. No less the way to Strelna and Oranienbaum will take. In Strelna the guests of the city may visit Konstantinovsky, Petrovsky palaces, Nizhny and Verhny parks, in Oranienbaum Ц Menshikov's palace, Chinese palace, Katalnaya gorka pavilion and the other sights.
Hotel Belveder is a good rest in the heart of nature and always wealthy travel program!



Peterhof, Lugovoy park
Phone.: +7(812) 600-25-44
E-mail: info@hotel-belveder.ru

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